Garance Wilkens - Bio

Garance Wilkens’s illustrations are either an invitation to enter a dreamlike world or a play on light fall, with a preference for the back lite, or both of these combined. Delicate and intricate watercolor, with strong sense of perspective are sprinkled with a pinch of digital whim.

Born and raised in the south of France, the Dutch illustrator trained as a fashion designer at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, Netherlands after her French Baccalaureate. She worked numerous years for High End Fashion houses, first in Paris, with an special time (4 years) working as a knitwear designer for John Galliano, who was the Artistic director of Christian Dior at the time.

Seduced by the ever inspiring big apple, she moved to New York in 2005, first being the right hand woman of Zac Posen, and later a consultant for among others for Jill Stuart, Rachel Roy, Catherine Malendrino and L.A.M.B., Gwen Stefanie’s Label. During the time she was developing the ready to wear collection for High end swimwear designer Malia Mills, a first illustration project came in, and a rather interesting one. Christian Dior was teaming up with Paris finest department store, Le Printemps for the special Christmas 2012 window display. The project included the visual emblem for the campaign, large watercolor back drops for each of the windows, a pop-up book, printed scarfs and shoes. The collaboration with Christian Dior has never stopped since, with work on books and illustrated items for numerous events.

Other current clients include Lancôme for the Bafta awards, Edeline Lee, Artipoppe, and Natalia Nodianova’s charity events.